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Getting around Iran

Transport links are good and it is possible to get to most places by plane, bus and train.
In the following information has written some website addresses which you can book in advance your proper vehicle but the websites are in Persian language . if you need help for going through websites can contact to Iran Rental company.

Flying: There are now airports serving the Iran’s cities and many major towns. You can book in advance on : ( )

Train travel: Some cities and most of the major towns have a train service. Most of the lines radiate out from Tehran. Long-distance services, such as between Tehran and Mashhad, are very fast: local services can be slower. It is worth advising to buy tickets or to book in advance on: ( )

Coach travel: National Express coach services cover most of the Iran and are very
cheap way to travel you can book on : ( )

Driving: If your driving license was issued outside Iran there may be restrictions on what and for how long you can drive here.
If you are a visitor, resident or student and have a driving license issued in the country you have come from, there are certain conditions that affect how long you can drive, and what you can drive in Iran. For more information and to get your legal driving license by legal lowers you can contact to Iran Rental company.
Roads are often very busy in the morning and evening, particularly on Fridays afternoon and before national holiday weekends. For checking information about traffic in cities or roads the best way is Google Map.
But this is not the best way to get around Tehran by your own car as there is a central area toll (the congestion charge), it is busy, and find a place in parking is so difficult.

Outside Tehran : Major cities have good bus services and often a metro. Cycle lanes are not common on roads and pavements, only in some parks. Towns usually have bus services.
Taxis: Taxis are the safest option for getting home late at night. Taxis can be hired with a wave on the street.

Inside Tehran: Tehran’s underground train service, often called the Metro, is the quickest way to get around most of the city provinces because of the heavy traffic. It runs till 10:30 at night.
There are two kind of buses, BRT buses & simple buses.
BRT buses is a good way to see Tehran and go through most areas, though it can be slower but it is a 24 hours service.
Buy Buscards which you can charge it as much as you want in special electronic stations, each time only 4000 Rials cost reduce, and for each city you should buy a different card and you can use it only inside the cities.
Buscards also use for underground train in Tehran.
Yellow or Green cabs (taxis) are much safer than any other car in Tehran (because there are some private cars as well). These are share taxies , it means the driver can pick 3 other people in his taxi up at the same time and these taxies goes from determined origin and destination. They have also some stations specially in famous squars of the city but you can also order door to door taxi by “Snapp” which is the best taxi in Tehran. You just need internet connection to use this service.
– cheaper than other taxis
– 24 hours
– very short waiting time(even at midnight)
– show location on google map
– info about prices before ordering
– info about driver , plate number of taxi , color and type of car.

You can register(free) & download(free) it on this link :
For registration click on top link, enter your Iranian mobile number Then click on :
“دریافت اسنپ و … اعتبار اسنپ”
now you can download snapp application by “app store” or “google play” or …
After installing process you can change language of this app to English or Francis.
First trip has discount.

Snapp use in Tehran, and also been active in Isfahan & Karaj recently.

Getting around Iran - Iran-Rental (real estate brokerage in Tehran - Exclusively for expats)